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AG/RES. 1377 (XXVI-0/96)
(Resolution adopted at the seventh plenary session, held on June 6, 1996)


HAVING SEEN the Second Report of the Special Committee on Inter-American Summits Managements to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs in compliance with Resolution AG/RES. 1349 (XXV-0/95) (AG/doc.3329/96);


That, in resolution AG/RES. 1349 (XXV-0/95), "Inter-American Summits Management," the General Assembly set up a Special Committee of the Permanent Council on Inter-American Summits Management to ensure effective, timely, and appropriate follow-up to the activities assigned to the Organization by the Summit of the Americas;

That the General Assembly instructed this Special Committee to request and receive reports on a regular basis from any organ, agency, or entity of the OAS and to comment on these reports and provide specific guidance, direction, and tasking to these bodies in accordance with its mandate;

That it also instructed the Permanent Council to inform other regional and subregional governmental entities and institutions that are called upon to assist in implementing the initiatives of the Plan of Action about the Organization's interest in receiving information on their activities and to request that they provide the Permanent Council with this information on a regular basis; and

That the Special Committee on Inter-American Summits Management was instructed to report in writing through the Permanent Council to the foreign ministers in December each year and at each regular session of the General Assembly on the progress made in implementing this resolution; and

BEARING IN MIND that, as provided for in Article 12 of the Rules of Procedure of the Permanent Council, special committees are temporary,


1. To thank the Permanent Council for the report of its Special Committee on Inter-American Summits Management, and to express its satisfaction with the important work done by the Committee in implementing resolution AG/RES. 1349 (XXV-0/95).

2. To note with satisfaction that the organs, agencies, and entities of the Organization gave special attention to implementation of the initiatives of the Summit Plan of Action.

3. Further to note with satisfaction that the Special Committee has established the Working Group on Democracy and Human Rights and charged it with, In keeping with the purposes and principles of the OAS Charter, the goals and principles of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, and the American Convention on Human lights, supporting development of fallow-up activities of the commitments of the Summit of the Americas in the areas of democracy and human rights, including the study of the, proposal presented by Brazil and, Canada."

4. To reaffirm the, mandate of the Special Committee on Inter-American Summits Management, as set forth in resolution AG/RES. 1349 (XXV-0/95), and to instruct the Special Committee to submit a written report each year to the foreign ministers at the regular session of the General Assembly on the, progress made in implementing this resolution.

5. To instruct the Secretary General to continue to support the Special Committee on Inter-American Summits Management.

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