Documents and Videos of the October 12th, 1999 Meeting of the 


Hall of the Americas, Organization of American States

Strengthening Municipal and Regional Administrations

Brief Notes of the Presentation of Oscar Avalle, World Bank

Second Generation Reforms, such as decentralization and Transfer of Public Services to the provincial and municipal levels, have been promoted lately. Regarding these types of reforms, the World Bank has responded to the problems of the countries, with:

  • Technical Assistance, when needed.
  • Loans for Programs of Decentralization and Transfer of Public Services.

The World Bank has also developed two initiatives:

  1. Dedicate the World Development┤s Report to the Reform of the State. In this report, a lot of importance was given to decentralization and transfer of public services to the provincial and municipal levels.
  2. Inter-regional Programs for the exchange of experiences.

The process of discussion and exchange of experiences ended in June, and resulted in  conclusions which can be found in a document titled "Beyond the Center: Decentralizing the State".

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