Documents and Videos of the October 12th, 1999 Meeting of the 


Hall of the Americas, Organization of American States

The Index below contains the documents presented at the October 12th, 1999 meeting of the Special Committee on Inter-American Summits Management.  In addition, you may view some of the presentations which were transmitted live over the internet the day of the meeting (we apologize for the sound quality of the first two videos).


10:00 am

1.  Opening Remarks by Chair

2.  Theme of Women:
  1. Presentation by Carmen Lomellin, Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM)
  1. Presentation by Joan Caivano, Representative of the Women's Leadership Conference of the Americas, and Fellow, Inter-American Dialogue

3.  Strengthening Municipal and Regional Administrations:

  1. Presentation by Elizabeth Spehar, Executive Coordinator of the Unit for the Promotion of Democracy (UPD), OAS.

  1. Presentation by Dr. Alan Rosenbaum, Director, Institute for Public Management and Community Service, Florida International University.
  1. Presentation by Cristina Rodriguez-Acosta, Assistant Director, Institute for Public Management and Community Service, Florida International University (Spanish only)
  1. Presentation by Oscar Avalle, The World Bank.
  1. Presentation by Margaret J. Sarles, Chief, Democracy and Human Rights Office, Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, USAID


4.  Fostering the Development of Micro, Small and Medium Size Enterprises:

  1. Presentation by Dr. Alvaro Ram�rez, Acting Director, Microenterprise Unit, Inter-American Development Bank (Spanish Only)

  1. Presentation by Roy Thomasson, Unit for Social Development and Education, OAS.
  1. Presentation by Danielle Yariv, Grameen Foundation, USA
  1. Presentation by Maria Otero, Acci�n International.
  1. Presentation by Mr. Jeremy Smith, USAID

2:30 pm

5.  Strengthening Confidence and Security Among States

  1. Presentation by Ambassador Carlos Portales, Permanent Representative of Chile to the OAS (Spanish only)  
  1. Presentation by Ambassador Flavio Dar�o Espinal, Permanent Representative of the Dominican Republic to the OAS (Spanish Only)

6.  Regional Energy Cooperation

Presentation by Mr. Mark Lambridies, Senior Specialist, Unit of Sustainable Development and Environment, OAS.


7.  Science and Technology

Presentation by Dr. Sitoo Mukerji, Director, Office of Science and Technology, OAS.

Closing Remarks by the Chairman, Ambassador Peter Boehm, Permanent Representative of Canada to the OAS
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