Documents and Videos of the October 12th, 1999 Meeting of the 


Hall of the Americas, Organization of American States


As Chair of the OAS Special Committee on Inter-American Summits Management, I am pleased to enclose a summary of the proceedings at our meeting of October 12, 1999. You will recall at this meeting that the delegations of the OAS were joined by experts from international financial institutions, international organizations and civil society to discuss 6 of the 27 themes from the Plan of Action of the Santiago Summit of the Americas.

The dialogue at the meeting was informative, and certain ideas were found to be common across all themes. These included the need for more concrete and specific recommendations in the next Plan of Action, as well as the commitment of resources to carry them out. Overall, the dialogue was useful and will enhance the discussion to be had at the XVII Meeting of the Summit Implementation Review Group, scheduled for November 19, 1999.

Ambassador Peter Boehm
Permanent Representative of Canada
to the Organization of American States

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