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Electoral Technical Assistance

Electoral technical assistance activities will be carried out in the following areas: organizational and technological development of electoral institutions; modernization and improvement of civil registries; reform of electoral systems; and studies and research.

 To modernize democratic institutions, the UPD has responded to the invitations of member states to provide assistance in modernizing technical electoral systems including providing support for their on-going modernization efforts with their legislatures, electoral systems and civil registries. Among the requests that are most frequently received are activities to upgrade the computerization of voting records and to computerize the records of vital statistics that are contained in the civil registries. At present, such registries projects are underway or have been completed in nine of the OAS member states. The computerizing of records contributes to the consolidation of democracy by helping to ensure that electoral records are accurate and easy to access. In the area of civil registries, vital statistics are made more accessible to citizens - especially the poor -by dramatically reducing the time required to issue certificates and other essential documents and significantly lowering the costs and time to obtain them.

Modernization of Civil Registries

 In addition, the UPD is working closely with the governments of Guatemala and Saint Lucia to provide technical expertise in the redrawing of the boundaries of electoral districts.