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Training Young Leaders

For the promotion of democratic practices and values, the UPD has developed a hemispheric program on democratic institutions, values, and practices for young leaders. 

The main objectives included fostering the development and acquisition of theoretical and empirical knowledge of the functioning of democratic institutions and processes, as well as the importance, meaning, and application of the fundamental principles, values, practices, and institutions of democracy. The event also sought to promote information related to techniques, tools, and modern practices of political/democratic work, which now seem essential to public administration and political management, such as strategies and techniques for political communication, techniques for negotiation and conflict management, organization of parties and electoral campaigns, formulation and use of surveys, electoral organization, administration, and oversight, and the management of statistics, data bases, and data processing, among others. Another objective was to encourage the exchange of experiences, accounts, and critical assessments, as well as dialogue among young leaders of the different political and social sectors of members States pertaining to democratic values and practices.

In 1998 the first four of these types of training workshops were held : in Central America (September 1998 in Costa Rica), the Mercosur nations (August 1998 in Argentina), the Andean region (Cuenca, Ecuador, November 1998). Since June 1999, this project has been comprised of regional training courses on Democratic Institutions.  

These courses include the following and are arranged by region:


Andean Region

Central America