Fourth Hemispheric Energy Ministers Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana

July 30, 1999

New Orleans Declaration

The Fourth Meeting of Energy Ministers of the Hemisphere was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, US, on July 30,1999. Ministers or their representatives from 30 States attended. The Ministers met to carry forward a cooperative program initiated in 1994 by their Heads of State and Government at the Miami Summit of the Americas and reaffirmed and strengthened at the Santiago Summit of the Americas. In this meeting, the Ministers focused on policies and practices concerning regional integration and energy's role in protecting the environment, with the understanding that such successful policies and practices will lead to the creation of sustainable energy infrastructure for the region in the 21st century.

The Ministers recognized the important work that has been accomplished under the Initiative in support of regional integration and the development of a sustainable energy infrastructure. They also acknowledged the activities conducted within the framework of the Working Groups as appropriate means by which to take specific steps to advance this process. Those activities include, among others, evaluating policies, collecting data and exchanging information, assessing technology options and conducting studies and workshops in the areas of natural gas, petroleum, climate change, rural electrification, clean energy options, regulatory cooperation, and energy efficiency.

The Ministers thanked the Government of the United States for organizing the successful discussion on key energy issues with the participation of government and business representatives that took place on July 29, 1999.

The Fourth Hemispheric Meeting of Energy Ministers was held with the following objectives:

  1. Evaluate the progress towards the fulfillment of the goals previously adopted;
  2. Share experiences about the energy integration process and discuss ways to make further progress in this area;
  3. Discuss the importance of the clean development and use of energy;
  4. Encourage the energy business sector established in the Hemisphere to organize itself into a Business Forum; and
  5. Consider the extension of the current Coordinating Secretariat.

The Ministers recognized the need to continue the efforts by the countries of the Hemisphere to achieve energy integration in the Americas.

The Ministers discussed the main achievements; in the region towards Hemispheric integration and thereby reinforced their commitments to take the appropriate steps to further this process.

The Ministers endorsed a Joint Statement on Clean Development and Use of Energy confirming their commitment to sustainable use and development of energy.

The Ministers, aware that the input from the business sector is one of the essential elements for the realization of the objectives of the HEI, encouraged the business sector established in the Hemisphere to organize itself into, a Business Forum to cooperate with the Hemispheric Energy Initiative.

The Ministers reiterated their support for the efforts of the Working Groups of the HEI and agreed to promote active participation in the activities of these Working Groups.

The Ministers agreed to extend the current Coordinating Secretariat and instructed the Steering Committee to evaluate the current arrangements and present a proposal to the Fifth Ministerial Meeting.

Ministers agreed that the Fifth Hemispheric Meeting of Energy Ministers would be held in the year 2000 in Mexico on a date to be determined.

The Ministers expressed their gratitude to the United States of America and the City of New Orleans for their warm hospitality and magnificent arrangements for these meetings.






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