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Updated June 7, 2001

Second Summit of the Americas:  HUNGER AND MALNUTRITION

At the Second Summit of the Americas, governments agreed to give high priority to many of the initiatives recommended in Argentina, namely:

The Pan-American Health Organization has many on-going programs in the area of hunger and malnutrition. Areas of Action include food security and the prevention and management of malnutrition problems.

The Organization is also engaged in several technical cooperation activities in the areas of food security, promotion of breast-feeding, promotion of supplementary feeding, promotion and education to improve food access and intake, prevention and control of malnutrition problems, protein-energy malnutrition, control of micronutrient deficiences, iodine, vitamine A, iron, prevention and control of obesity and chronic disease associated with diet, national food and nutrition plans, food and nutrition surveillance, and promotion and scientific research. This work falls under PAHO's Food and Nutrition Program

The mandates and initiatives for hunger and malnutrition were reinvigorated and fortified at the 2001 Quebec City Summit of the Americas.  For more information on these mandates, and to continue with follow up activities in this area, please click here.

Update June 7, 2001