AG/RES. 1237 (XXIII-0/93)


(Resolution adopted at the ninth plenary session, held on June 11, 1993)




Its decision, contained in the Santiago Commitment, to initiate a process of consultation on hemispheric security in the light of the new conditions in the region and the world, from an updated and comprehensive perspective of security and disarmament, including the subject of all forms of proliferation of weapons and instruments of mass destruction, so that the largest possible volume of resources may he devoted to the economic and social development of the member states;

Its resolutions AG/RES. 1121 (XXI-0/91) and AG/RES. 1123 (XXI-0/91) on the strengthening of peace and security of the Hemisphere, and resolutions AG/RES. 1179 (XXII-0/92) and AG/RES. 1180 (XXII-0/92) on cooperation for hemispheric security;

The report of the Permanent Council on the activities of the Special Committee on Hemispheric Security (AG/doc.2970/93);

RECOGNIZING the timeliness and necessity of increased dialogue on topics of security and of cooperation on the matter among the nations of the Hemisphere in the light of the new international situation;

BEARING IN MIND the progress made in this area in other multilateral arenas;


The contributions made by the American nations to disarmament and to arms control and limitation at the regional level;

The successful security agreements, measures to promote confidence, and arms reduction programs set in motion in Central America;


That the consolidation of peace and security in the Hemisphere is one of the essential aims of the OAS, and that socioeconomic development and cooperation among the member states are essential for the attainment of that goal;

That regional and subregional integration processes, as well as the sharing of information and experience and the enhancement of consultation and cooperation mechanisms, encourage the promotion of security and stability in the region; and

That security and confidence building measures work toward preventing potential sources of conflict and thus contribute to efforts to safeguard peace and security,


1 . To hold before its twenty-fourth regular session a meeting of government experts, on confidence- and security-building measures for the region.

2. To instruct the Permanent Council to prepare the agenda and draw up the working guidelines for that meeting by way of the Special Committee on Hemispheric Security.

3. To request the Permanent Council to report to the twenty-fourth regular session on the fulfillment of this resolution.

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