AG/RES. 1238 (XXIII-0/93)


(Resolution adopted at the ninth plenary session,
held on June 11, 1993)




Its decision, contained in the Santiago Commitment, to initiate a process of consultation on hemispheric security in the light of the new conditions in the region and the world, from an updated and comprehensive perspective of security and disarmament, including the subject of all forms of proliferation of weapons and instruments of mass destruction, so that the largest possible volume of resources may be devoted to the economic and social development of the member states; and

Resolutions AG/RES. 1121 (XXI-0/91) and AG/RES. 1123 (XXI-0/91), entitled "Cooperation for Security in the Hemisphere Curbing the Proliferation of Instruments of War and Weapons of Mass Destruction and "Cooperation for Security in the Hemisphere"; resolutions AG/RES. 1179 (XXII-0192) and AG/RES. 1180 (XXII-0/92), entitled "Cooperation for Security and Development in the Hemisphere - Regional Contributions to Global Security" and "Cooperation for Hemispheric Security"; and resolution AG/RES. 1062 (XX-0/90), entitled "Clandestine Arms Traffic";

REITERATING the Organization's commitment to promoting and making an effective contribution to efforts in the area of regional security to supplement intemational efforts to stren9then and maintain peace and security;

RECOGNIZING that the democratic, countries of Latin America and the Caribbean are the least armed and militarized in the world;

BEARING IN MIND that the member states should fulfill their obligations with regard to disarmament and arms limitation and control, prevent all forms of proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction, avoid the excessive or destabilizing accumulation of arms and the transfer of conventional arms, and settle peacefully, in accordance with the Charters of the OAS and the United Nations and intentional law, any problem related to matters that threaten or interrupt the maintenance of regional and world security;


That the increase in openness and transparency in the arms field contributes to building mutual confidence, reducing tensions, and strengthening regional and international peace and security, and may contribute to decreasing the acquisition, production, and transfer of arms;

That there is consensus among the member states on the implementation of confidence building measures, which include, in particular, transparency and exchange of information on arms;

That a register of conventional arms has been set up within the Secretariat of the United Nations, to compile information on international arms transfers in accordance with operative paragraphs 7, 9, 10, and 12 to 15 of resolution 46136 (L) of the United Nations General Assembly as well as other related information provided by the member states;

That by virtue of resolution 46125 of the United Nations General Assembly, the member states provide information each year on their defense spending; and

That an appeal has been made in the appropriate fora for the adoption, nationally, subregionally, and regionally, of measures to promote openness and transparency in arms questions; and

REAFFIRMING its decision to support the efforts of the United Nations to achieve the effective operation of the arms register called for in UN General Assembly resolutions 46136 (L) and 47/52 (L),


1. To request the Secretary General, in the framework of strengthening cooperation between the two organizations, to make appropriate arrangements with the Secretary-General of the United Nations to ensure that the General Secretariat of the OAS receives the information that the member states send to the United Nations register of conventional arms, along with the information on defense spending, so that the regional organization may have the data that the member states supply in conformity with the terms of this resolution.

2. To invite the member states to provide to the conventional arms register set up in the Secretariat of the United Nations, on a regular basis, the information called for in UN General Assembly resolutions 46136 (L) and 47152 (L).

3. Also to invite the member states to provide to the United Nations on a regular basis information on their defense spending, in compliance with resolution 46125 of the UN General Assembly.

4. To request the Secretary General to report to the twenty-fourth regular session of the General Assembly on compliance with the present resolution, and to include in his report the relevant information supplied by the member states.

5. To transmit the present resolution to the United Nations.

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