AG/RES. 1284 (XXIV-0/94)


(Resolution adopted at the tenth plenary session, held on June 10, 1994)


RECALLING the Declaration of Managua for the Promotion of Democracy and Development [AG/DEC. 4 (XXIII-0/93)] in which OAS member states declared:

"Their commitment to continuing and expanding dialogue on hemispheric security among the member states, in an integral and updated approach that takes account of the new international situation with a view to strengthening the peaceful tradition of the Hemisphere and actively contributing to international security and world peace "

BEARING IN MIND that in AG/RES. 1236 (XXIII-0/93) the Special Committee on Hemispheric Security was requested to give priority in its work program to increasing cooperation among member states, inter alia "in the area of the transfer of conventional weapons, the promotion of openness and transparency";

HAVING SEEN the report of the Permanent Council on the activities of the Special Committee on Hemispheric Security (AG/doc.3098/94) which reaffirms the importance of continued efforts in this area;

TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION the report of the Permanent Council on implementation of resolution AG/RES. 1237 (XXIII-0/93), "Meeting of Experts on Confidence- and Security building Measures in the Region" (AG/doc.3096/94), chapter IV of which (Illustrative List of Measures that Could. Be Taken to Build Confidence and Security") mentions, inter alia, measures pertaining to the exchange of information aimed at more active participation in the United Nations Register of Conventional Weapons and the instrument for the standardized international presentation of reports on military spending,


1 . To request the Secretary General, in the framework of strengthening cooperation between the OAS and the United Nations, to continue the work begun as a result of resolution AGIRES. 1238 (XXIII-0/93), to make arrangements with the Secretary-General of the United Nations to ensure that the General Secretariat of the OAS receives the information that the member states send to the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms, along with the information on military expenditures.

2. To urge all member states to participate fully in the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms, as provided for in UN General Assembly resolutions 46/36 L and 47/52 L, including the supply of available background information regarding their military holdings built up from national sources and relevant policies.

3.To encourage member states to regularly supply the United Nations with information on their defense spending, in compliance with UN General Assembly Resolution 46/25.

4. To urge all member states to participate more fully in contributing to regional openness and transparency by exchanging data among OAS member states on the UN Register of Conventional Arms and the international standardized reporting of military expenditures that the United Nations requires.

5. To further promote openness and transparency among member states and demonstrate leadership at a regional level by having the Permanent Council, through the Special Committee on Hemispheric Security, regularly engage in discussions, consultations, and exchanges of data supplied to the UN Register and data on national policies, laws, and administrative procedures governing arms transfers and defense spending, as well as other issues of interest to member states in these areas.

6. To request the Secretary General and the Permanent Council to include the relevant information supplied by member states in the reports they present to the General Assembly at its twenty-fifth regular session in connection with implementation of this resolution.

7. To transmit the present resolution to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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