AG/RES. 1410 (XXVI-0/96)



(Resolution adopted at the eighth plenary session, held on June 7, 1996)



MINDFUL that the size of the small island states makes them especially vulnerable to all forms of aggression;

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the role of the OAS, pursuant to Article 1 of its Charter, in achieving an order of peace and justice and defending the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of the member states;

RECOGNIZING that Article 3.b of the OAS Charter establishes that "international order consists essentially of respect for the personality, sovereignty, and independence of States, and the faithful fulfillment of obligations derived from treaties and other sources of international law";

RECALLING the Declaration of Santiago on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures and, especially, its recommendations that seminars and studies be conducted and a high-level meeting on the special security concerns of small island states be held;

BEARING IN MIND the Program of Action drawn up at the United Nations Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States, held in Barbados in April 1994; and

NOTING the Rapporteur’s Report on Special Problems of the Hemisphere’s Small States (CE/SH-39/94) and the document entitled "Hemispheric Security: The Security of Small States. Report of the Commonwealth Group" (AG/doc.2838/92 add. 2),


1. To convene a special meeting of the Committee on Hemispheric Security on the special security concerns of small island states, to be held in Washington, D.C., on October 7 and 8, 1996, with the participation of government experts from the member states of the Organization.

2. To recommend that the General Secretariat provide the necessary resources, depending on the availability of funds for holding the aforementioned special meeting.

3. To make available the final report of the special meeting of other interested multilateral institutions, including the Association of Caribbean States, CARICOM, the Central American Integration System, the United Nations, the (British) Commonwealth, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

4. To continue consultations on holding a high-level meeting on the special security concerns of the small island states, taking account of the findings of the special meeting of the Committee on Hemispheric Security on this subject.

5. To request that the Permanent Council, through its Committee on Hemispheric Security, continue to address the subject and report thereon to the General Assembly at its twenty-seventh regular session.

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