AG/RES. 1415 (XXVI-0/96)


(Resolution adopted at the eighth plenary session, held on June 7, 1996)



BEARING IN MIND that, under Article 2 of the Charter of the Organization of American States, one of the essential purposes of the Organization is to strengthen the peace and security of the Hemisphere;

RECALLING that one of the essential purposes of the Charter of the OAS is to achieve effective limitation of conventional weapons, allowing greater resources to be dedicated to the economic and social development of the member states;

TAKING NOTE of the Report of the Permanent Council on the mandates entrusted by the General Assembly in the area of hemispheric security (AG/doc.3352/96);


That the strengthening of peace and security of the Hemisphere is one of the essential purposes of the OAS, and that economic and social development and cooperation among its member states are fundamental for attaining that goal;

That it is necessary and opportune to continue to increase dialogue to build confidence and security in the region; and

That peace is not merely the absence of war, but also includes interdependence and cooperation to foster economic and social development, disarmament, and that in addition, arms control and limitations, human rights, the strengthening of democratic institutions, protection of the environment, and improvement of the quality of life for all are indispensable elements for the establishment of peaceful and more secure democratic societies;

RECALLING that, under resolution AG/RES. 1353 (XXV-O/95), the Permanent Council was instructed to establish a Committee on Hemispheric Security; and

CONSIDERING that, pursuant to operative paragraph 8 of resolution AG/RES. 1353 (XXV-O/95) "Cooperation for Hemispheric Security," the General Assembly asked the Permanent Council to report to the twenty-sixth regular session of the General Assembly on the progress made in the fulfillment of the mandates set forth in resolutions AG/RES. 1179 (XXII-O/92), AG/RES. 1236 (XXIII-O/93), AG/RES. 1283 (XXIV-O/94), AG/RES. 1284 (XXIV-O/94), AG/RES. 1288 (XXIV-O/94), AG/RES. 1299 (XXIV-O/94), and AG/RES. 1302 (XXIV-O/94),


1. To take note of the report presented by the Permanent Council on the subject of cooperation for hemispheric security (AG/doc.3352/96).

2. To recognize the appropriateness of and need for greater dialogue on cooperation in peace, confidence, and security issues among the nations of the Hemisphere.

3. To reaffirm the urgent need to intensify the common struggle and cooperative action against abject poverty, to contribute to the reduction of economic and social inequality in the Hemisphere and thus strengthen the promotion and consolidation of democracy in the region.

4. To recommend prompt initiation of a process of consultation with a view to making advances in the limitation and control of conventional weapons and to instruct the Permanent Council, through the Committee on Hemispheric Security, to consider this matter.

5. To reiterate to the Permanent Council that it continue consideration of the matters assigned to it in operative paragraph 8 of resolution AG/RES. 1353 (XXV-O/95) "Cooperation for Hemispheric Security."

6. To ask the Permanent Council to report to the General Assembly at the twenty-seventh regular session on compliance with this resolution.

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