AG/RES. 1495 (XXVII-0/97)



(Resolution adopted at the seventh plenary session, held on June 5, 1997)



HAVING SEEN the Report of the Permanent Council on Hemispheric Security (AG/doc.3517/97);

RECALLING that the Declaration of Santiago on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures states that "[t]he strengthening of bilateral and multilateral dialogue facilitates mutual understanding and increased collaboration in the face of the challenges of the next century. Confidence- and security-building measures in the Americas are especially significant for building ties of friendship and cooperation";


That the strengthening of peace and security in the Hemisphere is one of the essential purposes of the OAS, and that socioeconomic development and cooperation among the member states are essential to that goal;

That it is necessary and appropriate to pursue and intensify dialogue to strengthen peace, confidence, and security in the region;

TAKING NOTE of resolutions AG/RES. 1237 (XXIII-O/93) on the "Meeting of Experts on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures in the Region," AG/RES. 1284 (XXIV-O/94) on "Information on Military Expenditures and Register of Conventional Arms," AG/RES. 1288 (XXIV-O/94) on "Confidence- and Security-Building Measures in the Region," and AG/RES. 1409 (XXVI-O/96) on "Confidence- and Security-Building Measures"; and

CONSIDERING that the General Assembly, through resolution AG/RES. 1412 (XXVI-O/96), convened a regional conference on confidence- and security-building measures to follow up on the Santiago Conference,


1. To express its appreciation and accept El Salvador's offer to host the San Salvador Regional Conference on Confidence- and Security-building Measures to follow up on the Santiago Conference.

2. To instruct the Permanent Council to carry out, through its Committee on Hemispheric Security, the preparatory work for the above-mentioned conference, including preparation and approval of the agenda, with a view to holding it in February of 1998.

3. To ask the General Secretariat to lend support for holding that conference, within the limits of resources allocated in the program-budget and other resources.

4. To instruct the Permanent Council to report to the General Assembly on implementation of this resolution at its twenty-eighth regular session.

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