1.Summit of the Americas, Miami, USA (December, 1994)

In the Miami Plan of Action, governments recognized that the OAS is the principal hemispheric body for the defense of democratic values and institutions. They accordingly requested it to devote greater efforts to promoting democratic values and strengthening the social and economic fabric of democratic regimes already established.

Governments committed themselves to support the OAS in the following activities:

2. Between the Summits (January 1995-March 1998)

Between the Miami and Santiago Summits, progress was been made in various areas.  Particularly noteworthy was higher voter turnout for recent elections in the hemisphere.   Many countries have taken steps to reform their judicial systems, and have undertaken numerous programs to improve the administration of justice, police training and the effectiveness of criminal investigations.   The OAS has strengthened the Unit for the Promotion of Democracy, which has been helping countries to modernize their legislative institutions and processes. The UPD also sent electoral missions to a number of member States, providing support for educational programs on democracy, and has conducted reconciliation programs in four countries.

The UPD, together with the United Nations, is coordinating the International Civilian Mission to Haiti, the activities of which are intended to support the Government of Haiti in its efforts to strengthen the judicial system, the police and the prison system. The mission is providing technical assistance and training on human rights to police officers, judges and prison officials.

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