1. Summit of the Americas, Miami, USA (December, 1994)

At the Miami Summit, governments denounced terrorism as a threat to human rights and democracy, and decided to promote bilateral and subregional agreements to bring to justice persons who commit terrorist acts. They also undertook to convene a special Conference on the Prevention of Terrorism, under the auspices of the OAS.

2. Between the Summits (January 1995 � March 1998)

Argentina hosted a consultative meeting on cooperation to prevent and eliminate terrorism, in August 1995, during which the basis was laid for a Specialized Conference on Terrorism. This conference was convened by the OAS in April, 1996, in Lima, Peru.

The conference issued the Declaration of Lima to Prevent, Combat and Eliminate Terrorism. That Declaration condemns all terrorist acts, regardless of who the perpetrators are, or the form, method, motive or place of perpetration. Countries participating in the conference also issued a Plan of Action with 23 points, calling for a broad range of measures, including the exchange of information on terrorists; better cooperation with respect to frontier security, transport and travel documents; timely compliance with extradition treaties; and adoption of measures to prevent terrorists from using conventional or nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

In May, 1997, pursuant to a mandate from the OAS General Assembly, a meeting of government experts was held in Washington, D.C., to enhance the exchange of information among member states for preventing, combating and eliminating terrorism. 

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