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Private Sector Representatives Communicated Recommendations to Governments of the Hemisphere

The Hemispheric Private Sector Forum “Promoting Private Sector-Led Competitiveness in the New Decade” was held in Port of Spain, on April 15-16, with the participation of renowned experts, prominent business leaders and international organizations authorities, who highlighted the important role of public-private partnerships for Summit implementation. The Forum, which was organized by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, with the support of the OAS Department of Trade and Tourism and the organization Private Sector of the Americas, addressed the importance of public-private investment in mega infrastructure projects in the Americas for trade, employment and competitiveness in the region with environmental sustainability. Similarly, the Forum emphasized the role of public-private investment in energy, the need for policies to promote its rational use and energy cooperation and integration. Human capital development, through the use of information and communication technologies and education, is a common objective of governments and the private sector, essential to face the crisis, promote human prosperity and fight poverty.

On April 17th, private sector leaders communicated their recommendations to governments during the Dialogue with Social Actors. The recommendations were drafted as part of participatory process of consultations with the private sector in preparation for the Summit, organized by the OAS Department of Trade and Tourism, in coordination with the National Summit Secretariat and the organization Private Sector of the Americas.

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