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OAS Secretary General Launches the Summits of the Americas Follow-up System (SISCA)

Secretary General Insulza launched the Summits of the Americas Follow-up System (Spanish acronym, SISCA) on January 22, 2010, at the meeting of the Committee on Inter-American Summits Management and Civil Society Participation in OAS Activities (CISC) held in Washington, DC.

The Member States of the OAS have persistently called for the establishment of an efficient mechanism for follow-up and implementation of the Summits Process. Following the request of the Foreign Minister of Trinidad and Tobago at the 2007 Ministerial Summits Implementation Review Group (SIRG) for an on-line mandate follow-up mechanism, the Summits of the Americas Secretariat initiated the development of this instrument to effectively address the regional agenda, as well as to create a mechanism that will assist Member States in implementing the mandates approved by the leaders at the Summits of the Americas.

In launching the system, the Secretary General remarked that “First of all, SISCA will permit us, as an organization, to effectively follow-up on the achievements of the Summits Mandates adequately and transparently. Second, it will also facilitate the gathering and the systemization of the information.”

At the meeting, Member States expressed their support for the innovative system. After the opening remarks and the introductory presentation, the Chair, Ambassador Luis Alfonso Hoyos, commented that the this system is an example of the small steps needed to revolutionize the way in which the Member States will address and follow-up on the Summit mandates. He stressed that the newly introduced tool can be the “driving engine” in the improvement of the work not only to the Summit Secretariat in the follow-up of mandates, but also to the OAS as a whole, because the system is an open, practical and transparent source that would facilitate the exchange of information and best practices among stakeholders.

To view the complete video of the presentation, please click here.

Through this use of information, Member States are expected to keep a record of their achievements in the medium and long term. “Because it is a tool that allows us to facilitate goals and modernize processes, our intention at the OAS is to have a process of implementing mandates oriented toward results” said the Secretary General, “and we hope that at the next Summit of the Americas, which will be held in Colombia, we will be able to show results that reflect accurately on countries by using a transparent and appropriate methodology accessible to all.”

The SISCA can be accessed online at

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