AG/RES. 1696 (XXIX-O/99)
8 June 1999
Original: English


(Adopted at the fourth plenary session, held on June 8, 1999,
and pending review by the Style Committee)


REAFFIRMING the commitment of the member states to the consolidation and strengthening of representative democracy;


That the member states of the OAS have displayed leadership in recent years in the establishment or reestablishment of representative democracy, and recalling the Declaration of Managua and the statements on representative democracy made by the Heads of State and Government at the Summits of the Americas held in Miami and Santiago, Chile;

That the Organization of American States, through resolution AG/RES. 1080 (XXI-O/91), established a mechanism to help restore representative democracy when it has been interrupted, and this mechanism has proved effective in a number of crisis situations;

That, as established in the Charter, the elimination of extreme poverty is an essential part of the consolidation and strengthening of representative democracy and is the common and shared responsibility of the American states; and

That the principle of nonintervention entails, in accordance with the Charter, the duty of the American states to cooperate fully among themselves independently of the nature of their political, economic, and social systems; and

BEARING IN MIND the broad, significant dialogue of foreign ministers and heads of delegation on the occasion of the twenty-ninth regular session of the General Assembly on reshaping democracy on the threshold of the new millennium,


1. To instruct the Permanent Council to continue to examine, within the framework of the principles of the Charter, of international law including the Charter of the United Nations, and of the relevant declarations and resolutions of the Organization, measures to consolidate and strengthen representative democracy.

2. To request the Permanent Council to elicit comments on the matter from the member states.

3. To instruct the Permanent Council to present a report in this regard to the General Assembly by no later than the thirtieth regular session.

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