Published by the Office for the Summit Process in Cooperation with Participating OAS Entities

Remittances transfers to Latin America and the Caribbean, Issues and perspectives on development
  • Analysis of the present remittances market; the growing demand for transfer services; social, cultural and economic consequences of remittance flows; consumer education for the users of transfer services; options for regulation and incentives to encourage lower costs and more accessible services for low income customers; and examination of specific country cases.

  • Report Commissioned by Office for the Summit Process from Georgetown University specialist Manuel Orozco (July 22, 2004 Washington DC).

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SWP #2
  • A Comparative Analysis of the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development, the Santa Cruz de la Sierra Summit on Sustainable Development, and the Third Summit of the Americas  - February 2003

SWP #1
  • From Santiago to Quebec: Report on the Achievements of the Inter-American System