Updated February 11, 2002

Civil Society
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Committee on Civil Society Participation in OAS activities

Civil Society mandates from the
Third Summit of the Americas

 XXXI OAS General Assembly
San José, Costa Rica, June 3-5, 2001

       During the General Assembly the following resolutions were approved:

  • AG/RES. 1834 (XXXI-O/01) The Organization of American States and civil society

    This Resolution asks the Permanent Council to, in accordance with the participation guidelines for Civil Society Organizations in OAS activities, elaborate strategies that will increase their participation in the OAS.


Follow Up to the Civil Society Mandates

Meeting of the Committee on Civil Society Participation in OAS Activities

On January 24, 2002 the Committee on Civil Society Participation in OAS Activities took place in Washington, DC.  To see the official agenda of this meeting, please click here.

Consultations by Civil Society on Education

The Unit for Social Development and Education has initiated an electronic consultation where civil society organizations can share their perspectives on the role of civil society in educational development. The Unit has invited these civil society organizations to participate in the process, directing them to sign on to the web page www.oas.org/consulta. Once signed on they can register and send in their participation, which will be posted on the same page.

The topic of this consultation is Civil Society’s Participation in Education: Myths, Realities and New Challenges. In parting, a discussion on Rosa Maria Torres’ article titled "Citizens’ Participation and Education; A panoramic view and twenty experiences in Latin America" was proposed. This article can be found on the same web page.

Building Democracy from the Grassroots

A forum on "Building Democracy from the Grassroots" was held at OAS Headquarters on July 16, 2001. Sponsored by both the OAS and the Inter-American Foundation, the forum brought together government policymakers and representatives of civil society and academia, among others, who shared ideas and experiences related to local governance and democracy-building.  For more information on this meeting, please click here.

Updated February 11, 2002

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