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Civil Society mandates from the
Third Summit of the Americas

Civil Society

Affirming that openness and transparency are vital to building public awareness and legitimacy for our undertakings, the Summit Plans of Action call upon all citizens of the region to contribute to the Summits of the Americas process. 

In the 1994 Miami Summit Plan of Action, the Heads of State and Government established that a civil society organized in different modes and sectors gives profundity and permanence to a democracy.  Because of this, the Governments decided to revise the regulatory framework for non-governmental actors so that it would emphasize the management and supervision of resources, as well as transparency and responsibility of the aforementioned actors before society.  On the other hand, measures were taken to improve participation in the social activities and initiatives by groups traditionally on the margin of such activities.  They also decided to exchange progress reports on the activities of civil society in the Santa Cruz Summit on Sustainable Development. 

In the 1998 Santiago Summit of the Americas, the Governments decided to promote the development of principles and recommendations so that the formation of transparent, responsible, non-profit and other civil society organizations is stimulated.  In the same manner, they agreed to promote better participation of these same organizations in public matters, so that they include public sector-civil society dialogues and partnerships in the areas they consider relevant.  The OAS could serve as a forum for the exchange of experiences and information in this initiative.  Furthermore, it was suggested to the OAS that they foster support between Governments and civil society organizations.  

In the 2001 Quebec City Summit, the important role of civil society in the consolidation of democracy is recognized.  In this way, it was decided to establish public and private finance instruments to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and the formation of strategies at the national level and through the OAS and other organizations, with the use of information and communication technology.  Governments also agreed to promote cooperation with corresponding civil society organizations, academic experts and others to impart education on the topic of democracy and human rights. 

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