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XXIX SIRG Meeting in Santiago, Chile

                                 The Head table in Santiago, Chile                                                   The passing of the Chairmanship between 
                                                                                                                                                                 Canada and Argentina

On the occasion of the OAS General Assembly, on June 9, 2003 thirty four Foreign Ministers of the Hemisphere met for the Twenty-ninth Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG) meeting in Santiago, Chile. The purpose of the SIRG is to take note of progress in implementing the goals of the Summit of the Americas and to plan for future Summits. Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs, Soledad Alvear, opened the meeting expressing confidence in the Summit process and supporting plans for the Special Summit to be held in Mexico before the end of the year. OAS Secretary General, Cesar Gaviria, then presented the Report of the Joint Summit Working Group highlighting the work of OAS, the Inter-American Development Bank and other inter-American institutions in meeting Summit goals. Secretary General Gaviria also underlined the important role of ministerial meetings within the Summit process. William Graham, the Foreign Minister of Canada, reported on Summit progress as the outgoing chair of the Summit process, giving special attention to the Inter-American Democratic Charter and new connectivity programs. Foreign Minister Graham passed the Summit chairmanship to Rafael Bielsa, the Foreign Minister of Argentina. Minister Bielsa welcomed the opportunity to manage the Summit process and prepare for the Fourth Summit of the Americas in Argentina in 2005. Miguel Hakim, Undersecretary of Mexico for Latin America and the Caribbean  presented a draft agenda for the Special Summit to be held in his country before the end of the year. The Special Summit will address issues of economic growth with equity, social development and democratic governance. The meeting closed with remarks from Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Panama, Peru and the United States, as members of the SIRG Executive Council, supporting the Summit process and the Special Summit.


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