Combating the Drug Problem
Justice, Rule of Law and Security of the Individual

Recognizing that the global drug problem is a new, multi-dimensional threat to the security of our region, governments of the hemisphere, through the Summits of the Americas process, have committed to its eradication in the following manners: 

At the Miami Summit of the Americas, governments agreed to ratify the 1988 UN Convention against Illicit Traffic of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances and adopt the Model Regulations of the Inter-American Commission on Drug Abuse Control (CICAD).  At the same time, they committed to fight against the consumption and cultivation of illegal drugs and to work on the control of chemical products related to illegal drug manufacturing. During this Summit, firearms control was also discussed and the creation of an Inter-American convention for money laundering was considered. 

At the Second Summit of the Americas, in Santiago, Heads of State and Government reiterated their commitment to develop national and multilateral efforts in order to achieve full application of the Hemispheric Anti-Drug Strategy.  At the same time, they charged CICAD with its development of a singular and objective multilateral evaluation mechanism to strengthen mutual confidence and encourage hemispheric cooperation in the fight against drugs.  They also recognized the valuable contribution of civil society in eradicating the drug problem and encouraged international financial institutions to redouble their efforts in the areas of money laundering.  

At the Quebec City Summit of the Americas, Heads of State and Government commended CICAD for developing an evaluation mechanism and recognized the work done in completing the first round of this historic Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM).  At the same time, governments reaffirmed their commitment to the Hemispheric Anti-Drug Strategy.  These leaders also recommended increased cooperation between multilateral development institutions and CICAD, in order to bring new resources to bear in the fight against drugs.  They also sought to develop modern, comprehensive and cooperative strategies to address the social, human and economic costs of the drug problem in the Americas.

At the Special Summit of the Americas held in Monterrey, Mexico, the Heads of State and Government committed to fighting all forms of transnational crime, including illicit trafficking in drugs, arms, and persons, particularly when they generate funds used in support of terrorist organizations, and to adhere to global anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing standards.

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