Updated March 4, 2002

Trade, Investment and Financial Stability
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Trade, Investment and Financial Stability mandates from the
Third Summit of the Americas

 XXXI OAS General Assembly
San Josť, Costa Rica, June 3-5, 2001


        During the General Assembly the following resolutions were approved:

  • AG/RES. 1786 (XXXI-O/01) Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Hemisphere

    This Resolution asks the Permanent Council to continue promoting the exchange of experiences and information in order to coordinate and strengthen cooperation activities in the area of corporate social responsibility for the benefit of Member States. It also asks the Permanent Council to continue analyzing the issue, assuring that Civil Society and the private sector are consulted regularly and that this process benefits from the experiences of other international, national and non-governmental organizations. At the same time, the Permanent Council is asked to convene a meeting, as early as possible in 2002, to promote dialogue and raise awareness on key points that should be determined.

  • AG/RES. 1813 (XXXI-O/01) Trade and Integration in the Americas

    This Resolution asks the General Secretariat to continue providing, through the Trade Unit and its Foreign Trade Information System, analytical and informational support and technical assistance to the FTAA and trade activity in general in the hemisphere. It also charges the General Secretariat to continue providing technical assistance to those Member States, especially the smaller economies, that ask for it, in questions related to the FTAA process.


Updated March 4, 2002

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