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In seeking ways to improve the Summits mechanism and in order to propose specific and viable solutions, the Summits of the Americas Secretariat has worked actively and in conjunction with the General Secretariat and member states, and has prepared the Summits of the Americas follow-up system. The follow-up system is a mechanism to provide member states with tools necessary to facilitate the achievement of the goals established in the mandates, so that they can be measured in the medium- and long-term through results-based management. Another aim is to implement a new mandate follow-up method in order to modernize and optimize processes involving all Summits of the Americas stakeholders.

The outcomes of the Summits of the Americas have gradually come to guide the efforts of our states. Our governments view these outcomes as strategic guidelines for use in channeling many of their actions, over a considerable time.

The process of the Summits of the Americas is imposing greater responsibility, since it promotes highly dynamic action therein so as to be able to keep abreast of new challenges and new needs affecting the peoples of the Hemisphere. It also requires of us high innovation so that on each occasion we generate new and more effective solutions and courses of action to resolve these challenges and address these needs.

To that end, the Summits of the Americas Secretariat of the Organization of American States is pleased to present this CD, which contains a proposed Summits of the Americas mandate follow-up system. On it you will find wide-ranging analysis regarding the Summits process begun in 1994, and an interactive sample of the follow-up mechanism. It represents an effort to facilitate fulfillment of the commitments assumed at the Summits and to provide the member states with an array of appropriate tools to promote, provide support for, and strengthen the inter-American agenda at this crucial time in our shared history.

It creates an important forum, not only for institution-building, but, especially, for the exercise of democracy.

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