Follow-up phase

The contributions of civil society organizations and social actors have enriched the mandates adopted at the IX Summit of the Americas, which now move on to the implementation and follow-up phase. It is key to continue counting on the participation of civil society organizations and social actors, as they play a key role as implementers of initiatives at the local, national and regional levels, and as catalysts for generating change and empowering society in all its diversity.

Recommendations of Civil Society and Social Actors on the Implementation of the IX Summit Mandates:

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Summit Lab on Strategic Communication

This workshop sought to strengthen the communication skills of the participants through tools and methodologies that will allow them to develop and execute communication strategies to effectively connect with their target audiences.


Photography Contest: "Building a Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Future"

The Summits of the Americas Secretariat, in collaboration with the Chair of the IX Summit Process and the Art Museum of the Americas of the Organization of American States launched the Photography Contest with the objective of artistically portraying realities, challenges and/or solutions in the Hemisphere related to the five thematic pillars of the IX Summit of the Americas.

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Summit Lab: Workshop on Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building

The objective of this capacity building workshop was to strengthen and/or build the capacity of participating civil society organizations and social actors to facilitate dialogue, effectively communicate, actively listen, and understand conflict resolution and consensus-building strategies.

Message from María Celina Conte, Summits Secretariat Director

María Celina Conte, Director of the Summits Secretariat, welcomes and invites representatives of civil society organizations and social actors to participate in the IX Summit Process. Let's work together for a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive future for the Americas!

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