Press Release E-/199
December 10, 1999

OAS Envoy Meets with Nicaraguan, Honduran Representatives

Ambassador Luigi Einaudi, the veteran U.S. diplomat appointed by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) to he1p reduce tensions between Honduras and Nicaragua, moved quickly to meet with representatives of both countries.

Einaudi met with a Nicaraguan delegation yesterday, shortly after accepting the role of OAS special representative in this matter, and today he met with representatives of Honduras.

"Both delegations have expressed their desire to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis and to work quickly toward deflating tensions in the region," Einaudi said.

Nicaragua's Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Guillermo Arguello, headed that country's delegation, accompanied by the Nicaraguan Ambassador to the United States, Francisco Aguirre, and the Ambassador to the OAS, Alvaro Sevilla.

The Honduran delegation was headed by Jorge Arturo Reina, Minister Advisor to the President, who was accompanied by Ambassador Policarpo Callejas, Chief of Staff of the Foreign Minister, and the Ambassador to the OAS, Laura N��ez.

Einaudi plans to meet with the Chair and Vice-Chair of the OAS Permanent Council, as well as with other interested parties, before traveling to Central America next week.

The OAS Permanent Council, which earlier this week had convened a special session at the request of Nicaragua and Honduras, on Tuesday called for Secretary General C�sar Gaviria to designate a special representative to "evaluate the situation, facilitate dialogue, and formulate recommendations aimed at easing tension and preventing acts that could affect peace in the Hemisphere." Tensions have arisen between Honduras and Nicaragua as the result of the recent approval, by the Honduran Congress, of a maritime delimitation treaty with Colombia.

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