CP/RES. 757 (1216/99)
7 December 1999
Original: Spanish

CP/RES. 757 (1216/99)



CONCERNED over the situation that has arisen between Honduras and Nicaragua as the result of the ratification of the Maritime Delimitation Treaty between Honduras and Colombia;

HAVING PAID CAREFUL HEED to the statements made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Honduras and the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua concerning this situation;

TAKING NOTE WITH SATISFACTION of the indications by both representations of their willingness to settle the disputes by peaceful means, in accordance with international law;

RECALLING the fundamental rights and duties embodied in the Charter of the Organization, which govern relations among the American states, in particular the means set forth therein for the peaceful settlement of their disputes;

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the urgent request for cooperation submitted to the OAS by the Governments of Honduras and Nicaragua to preserve and strengthen peace between the two countries; and

TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION the powers entrusted to the Permanent Council and the Secretary General of the Organization by the Charter regarding the maintenance of friendly relations among the member states,


1. To welcome with pleasure the commitment made by the two governments to solve the existing conflict by peaceful means.

2. To invite the Governments of Honduras and Nicaragua, as well as other governments, to refrain from taking measures that could exacerbate the present situation and to take measures that will help to build confidence.

3. To entrust the Secretary General with the appointment of a special representative, with the greatest possible urgency and with the concurrence of the Governments of Honduras and Nicaragua, exclusively to evaluate the situation, facilitate dialogue, and formulate recommendations aimed at easing tension and preventing acts that could affect peace in the Hemisphere.

4. To request the representative of the Secretary General to report to the Council, as quickly as possible and in light of the urgency of the situation, on the development and the results of the measures taken.

5. To continue to examine with special attention the evolution of the situation between Honduras and Nicaragua.

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