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…that Barbados currently ranks 3rd in the Americas and 29th in the world in terms of its Internet coverage? This was recently published in the International Telecommunications Union’s 2015 edition of the annual ICT Development Index (IDI) report. To effectively address cyber threats, the Government of Barbados signed an agreement establishing the National Computer Incident Response Team, a key mechanism to strengthen cybersecurity. This initiative will offer Barbados new skills and technical capabilities to respond to cybercrimes and cyber-attacks, thus ensuring a safe and secure environment for the people of Barbados, its investors and visitors using Information and Communication Technologies.

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Sixth Summit of the Americas - Cartagena, Colombia:

Sixth Summit of the Americas

To foster increased connection of telecommunication networks in general, including fiber optic and broadband, among the region’s countries, as well as international connections, to improve connectivity, increase the dynamism of communications between the nations of the Americas, as well as reduce international data transmission costs, and, thus, promote access, connectivity, and convergent services to all social sectors in the Americas.