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March 27, 2012

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...that Suriname is the first OAS Member State to adopt the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission’s (CICAD) Hemispheric Drug Strategy? This Anti-Drug Strategy is an integral part of Suriname’s national security policy and is coordinated by the Office of the President of Suriname. As part of the plan to deal with drugs and drug-related crimes, the plan incorporates initiatives aimed at reducing the demand for illicit drugs, the establishment of Drug Treatment Courts for offenders and their reintegration into society, capacity building through training and education, including integrating drug issues into the curriculum of Caribbean University programs.

Suriname - Ministry of Justice and Police

Suriname - Ministry of Justice and Police

Paragraph 72, Fifth Summit of the Americas: “We will increase our efforts to prevent and combat all aspects of the global drug problem and related crimes, with strengthened international cooperation and an integral and balanced approach based on the principle of common and shared responsibility...”

Sixth Summit of the Americas

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