April 15, 2019

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Peru Summit:

1st Anniversary of the VIII Summit of the Americas

The VIII Summit of the Americas was held in Lima, Peru on April 13 and 14, 2018. This Summit marked a turning point in the Summit Process and Inter-American relations. After more than thirteen years, since the Summit of Mar del Plata, the Heads of State and Government adopted by consensus the Lima Commitment, a document with clear and concrete mandates aimed at preventing and combating corruption as the main scourge that threatens democracies and the well-being of citizens in the Americas. The Summits of the Americas Secretariat commemorates the first anniversary of the #SummitPeru, highlighting the leadership of the Government of Peru and thanking the support and participation of the various actors, which has led to the advance of our mission through the OAS, of strengthen the political dialogue in the framework of the Summit Process, reflected in:

  • Successful completion of the VIII Summit of the Americas.

  • Adoption of the Lima Commitment.

  • Revitalization of the Joint Summit Working Group.

  • Strengthening the participation of Civil Society and Social Actors.

  • Adoption and implementation of the Mechanism for Follow-up and Implementation of the Lima Commitment.

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