July 31, 2012

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Summits of the Americas Secretariat

Summits of the Americas Secretariat

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Caribbean reef sharks at Stuart Cove, Bahamas

Did you know…

…that the Bahamas recently prohibited all commercial shark fishing in its waters, an area that encompasses more than 240,000 square miles? This marine conservation regulation, under which only the catch and release of sharks is permitted, protects sharks in Bahamian waters from being hunted down for their fins. Throughout the world, up to 73 million sharks are killed annually for their fins. Bahamas, known as the shark diving capital of the world, is heavily dependent on tourism. Shark tourism alone generates $78 million in annual revenue. The island nation joins Palau, the Maldives and Honduras in banning shark fishing in their waters.

V Summit of the Americas, Trinidad and Tobago:

“...we will continue...to develop and implement regional initiatives to promote the sustainable conservation and management of Caribbean coastal and marine resources...”


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