August 7, 2013

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Summits of the Americas Secretariat

Summits of the Americas Secretariat

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Temporary Income Support Program…that the Temporary Income Support Program, known by its Spanish acronym PATI, is a social protection program designed by the government of El Salvador to combat extreme poverty among youth through training and community development? This conditional cash transfer program, grants female heads of household and young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are unemployed and not in school, a stipend of US$100 a month for six months, in exchange for improving their job skills by working on municipal projects. Participants are prepared for a variety of careers, including agriculture, public works, catering, tourism, and fishing. At the end of six months, PATI also provides participants with assistance in securing jobs and access to microcredit. This program, funded largely by the World Bank, has so far assisted over 46,000 persons belonging to poor and vulnerable households, a majority of which (approx. 31,000), are women.

VI Summit of the AmericasPoverty, Inequality and Inequity

To combat poverty, extreme poverty, hunger, inequality, inequity, and social exclusion through public policies that promote decent, dignified, and productive work; sustained economic growth; income growth; and access to comprehensive and quality education, health care, and housing, in order to achieve sustainable development with social justice in the Americas.


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