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September 13, 2011

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Policy for integrated management of coastal marine area...that in 2010, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Guatemala launched a policy for integrated management of coastal marine area? Approved by Government Agreement No. 328-2009, designed primarily to benefit the fishing sector, this policy was formulated with the participation of civil society, NGOs, the fishing sector, government institutions, municipalities, USAID, and the financial support of FEMCIDI/OAS. The Marine-Coastal zone offers an important range of goods and services such as aquaculture, fishing, mangroves, firewood extraction, charcoal fabrication, building materials and is also an important gateway to international trade. The implementation of this policy aims to foster food security and ensure the sustainable use of marine and coastal resources for the protection of biodiveristy. It will benefit almost 300,000 Guatemalans residing in coastal areas.

Paragraph 65, Fifth Summit of the Americas: “We recognise that the conservation of marine resources and the protection of marine ecosystems, including estuaries and coastal areas, throughout the Americas are vital for the continued economic and social well-being of those who live near or otherwise depend on the sea. We will seek to secure the wider adoption and implementation of existing regional and international marine conservation and marine pollution agreements...”

See also: National Report of Guatemala 2010

Sixth Summit of the Americas

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