September 24, 2013

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Summits of the Americas Secretariat

Summits of the Americas Secretariat

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ProHuerta (INTA - MDS) | Trabajos en la huerta…that Argentina’s National Report 2013 highlights the advances it has made in providing access to healthy and nutritious food for its citizens through the National Plan for Food Security. Included within this plan is the ‘Prohuerta’ Program which aims to improve food sovereignty and promote self-production/cultivation of fresh food and vegetables in poor and vulnerable communities. The program provides training and technical assistance to families, institutions and community organizations and also supplies seeds, fruits, livestock and tools suited to the local terrain. This successful program extends to most Argentine provinces and reaches 3.5 million people through a network of approximately 8,000 institutions. The model has also been replicated in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela and Haiti.

VI Summit of the AmericasPoverty, Inequality and Inequity

To give priority to nutrition, particularly child nutrition, in the fight against poverty, hunger, and inequality and, in this context, we underscore the importance of joint efforts by the public and private sectors, civil society, and other social actors.


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