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November 22, 2011

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...that the OAS’ Educational Portal of the Americas has been instrumental in providing training for over 4000 teachers and other professionals from OAS Member States? The Virtual Tutor Training Program delivers affordable, high quality e-learning programs and has benefitted women, people with disabilities, indigenous populations and citizens living in geographically remote areas, among others. In addition to training and capacity building, the Portal also serves as an important platform for promoting education, knowledge sharing, and technical cooperation within the Americas.

Educational Portal of the Americas

Paragraph 38, Fifth Summit of the Americas: “Recognising that education is a lifelong process that promotes social inclusion and democratic citizenship and allows people to contribute fully to the development of society, we will give high priority to improving and expanding literacy, ... We commit to support the initial preparation and ongoing professional development of teachers.”

The Educational Portal of the Americas was launched in 2001 in compliance with a mandate from the Third Summit of the Americas instructing Member States to support human development using information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Sixth Summit of the Americas

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