Events 2004

January 2004

8 - 11

XXXIV Meeting of the Summit Implementation Review Group
Monterrey, Mexico

 12 - 13


Special Summit of the Americas
Monterrey, Mexico


28 - 30


IV Regular Session of the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism
Montevideo, Uruguay



Association of American Chamber of Commerce in Latin America's "Outlook on the Americas,"
Miami Beach, Florida

February 2004

2 - 6

V Meeting of the Committee of Experts on the Follow Up Mechanism to the Inter-American Convention against Corruption
Washington D.C.

11 - 13

VII Western Hemisphere Transport Initiative Executive Committee Meeting
São Paulo, Brazil

12 - 13

Meeting of Government Experts to Exchange, from a Human Rights Perspective, Best Practices and National Experiences in Adopting Antiterrorism Measures
Washington, DC

25 – 27

Western Hemispheric Port Security Conference, Workshops and Trade Exhibition
Miami, FL

March 2004

1 - 5

  Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM) - 2nd Evaluation Round - 2nd Drafting Session of GEG for the Implementation of Recommendations
Washington, DC

7 - 11

Inter-American Development Bank Annual Meeting
Lima, Peru


April 2004

1 - 2

First Meeting of the Conference of State Parties within the MESICIC Framework
Washington, DC


Special Private Sector Post Summit Debriefing of the Monterrey Summit of the Americas For Heads of State and the Future for Democratic Governance in Haiti
Coral Gables, FL, USA

5 - 6

Meeting of the Inter-American Commission of Social Development

19 - 21

VI Western Hemisphere Energy Ministers
Trinidad and Tobago

19 - 23

IV World Summit on Media for Children and Adolescents
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Special Session of the OAS Permanent Council on the Promotion of Women's Human Rights and Gender Equity and Equality
Washington, DC

21 - 23

Second Meeting of Ministers or of the Highest-Ranking Authorities Responsible for the Advancement of Women in the Member States
Washington, DC

26 - 27

Civil Society Hemispheric Forum
Quito, Ecuador

28 - 30

V Meeting of Ministers of Justice and Attorneys General of the Americas
Washington, DC

28 - 30

Special Session of the Working Group responsible for the Draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Washington, DC


Workshop on Occupational Safety and Health,Part of the calendar of activities of the XIII Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labour (IACML)
San Salvador, El Salvador

May 2004

28 - 29

III European Union Latin American and the Caribbean Summit
Guadalajara, Jalisco - Mexico

10 - 21

Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM) - 3rd Evaluation Round of the MEM - 1st Drafting Session of the Governmental Expert Group (GEG)
Washington, DC

June 2004

1 - 4

The Latin American and Caribbean Seminar. Partnerships for a New Era, Achieving the Millenium Development Goals
Santiago, Chile


Dialogue between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the Heads of Member States delegations and Civil Society Representatives within the framework of the XXXIV Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly
Quito, Ecuador

6 - 9

XXXIV Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly 
Quito, Ecuador


XXXV SIRG (Ministerial), Preparations for the IV Summit Follow-up on Summit mandates
Quito, Ecuador

8 - 10

XXX G8 Summit
Sea Island, USA


World Day Against Child Labour
Miami, Florida

28 - 29

First Regional Seminar "Civil Society in Peace- building, Regional Security and Prevention of Conflicts in Latin America and the Caribbean"
Buenos Aires, Argentina

July 2004

4 - 7

25th Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

7 - 8

XXVI Meeting of Common Market Council and Summit of the Heads of Government of Mercosur and Associated States
Puerto Iguazú, Argentina

8 - 9

Meeting of the States Parties of The Inter-American Convention Against Corruption
Managua, Nicaragua

8 - 9

VII Mines Ministries of the Americas Conference (CAMMA)
Quito, Ecuador

8 - 12

XV Summit of the Andean Presidential Council
Quito, Ecuador

20 - 21

Meeting of Experts on Follow-up to the Convention of Belém do Pará

26 - 30

VI Meeting of the Committee of Experts on the Follow Up Mechanism to the Inter-American Convention against Corruption
Washington, DC

August 2004

23 - 24

Second Inter-American Meeting of Ministers of Culture and Highest Appropriate Authorities
México DF, México


Donor Consultative Group Meeting on Accountability and Anti-Corruption in the Americas
Washington DC


September 2004

8 - 9

Conference on Trade and Investment in the Americas.
Organismos responsables: CAF-OEA-Inter-American Dialogue
Congreso de los Estados Unidos


20 - 23

Inter-American Seminar on Education for Democracy. Organizing institutions: Center for Civic Education and General Secretariat of the OAS throught the Unit for the Promotion of the Democracy (UPD) and the Unit for Social Social Development and Education (UDSE)
Washington DC

28 - 29

International forum on nondiscrimination to analyze the economic, fiscal and judicial challenges to the implementation of anti-discrimination laws in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Sponsored by: BID
Ciudad de México, México


27 Sep - 01 Oct

XLV Meeting of the Directing Council and LVI Session of PAHO’s Regional Committee (Meeting of the Ministers of Health)
Sponsored by: PAHO
Washington DC

30 Sep - 01 Oct

The US Elections and Latin America’s Future (Miami Herald Conference).
Biltmore Hotel Miami

30 Sep - 01 Oct

Special Session of the Working Group to Prepare an Inter-American Program for the Promotion and Protection of the Human Rights of Migrants including Migrant Workers and their Families
OAS Working Group - Permanent Council
Washington DC

October 2004

7 - 8

Payments in the Americas
Organismo responsable: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia


13 - 14

Forum "Operational Dimensions of Supplying Regional Public Goods through Development Assistance”
Sponsored by: BID
Tokyo, Japón

18 - 19

I Meeting of the Inter-American Committee on Education
Sponsored by: Unit for Social Development and Education of the OAS
Washington, DC


19 - 20

XXXVI Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG) Meeting
Office for the Summit Process
Washington, DC

27 - 29

XXXII Assembly of Delegates of the CIM

Inter-American Commission of the Women

  Washington, DC

27 - 29

XIX Pan American Child Congress
Ciudad de México

November 2004

8 - 11

IV Meeting and Special Session of the Working Group to Prepare the Draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Office for the Summit Process
Washington, DC


9 - 11

IV Annual Meeting of the Inter-American Forum on Political Parties
Office for the Promotion of Democracy

Brasilia, Brasil


11 - 12

First Hemispheric Meeting of Ministers and Highest Appropriate Authorities of Science and Technology under the framework of CIDI  

Office of Education, Science and Technology

Lima, Perú

16 - 21

VI Meeting of Defense Ministers of the Americas
Quito, Ecuador


Summit Seminars Series “Consultation with Civil Society Organizations”
Office for the Summit Process
Washington, DC

Nov 30 - Dic 3

XIV Meeting of directive committee of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission –CITEL
Buenos Aires, Argentina

December 2004

1 - 3

VI Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Inter-American Commission of Ports
Managua, Nicaragua

6 - 8

28th Miami Conference on the Caribbean Basin: “Strengthening the Third Border”


Meeting of the Committee on Inter-American Summits Management and Civil Society Participation in OAS Activities (CISC)
Washington DC

7 - 9

Thirty-sixth Regular Session of CICAD
Washington DC