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El Salvador hosts first SISCA workshop in Central America



Viceministro de Relaciones Exteriores Lic. Juan José García

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El Salvador hosts first SISCA workshop in Central America
04/15/10 EN SP

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04/17/09 EN SP

The Republic of El Salvador hosted the first SISCA workshop in Central America on April15-16, 2010. One year after the V Summit of the Americas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador organized a workshop in its dependencies where more than 13 institutions and ministries participated in order to invigorate the follow-up to the mandates of the Summits of the Americas negotiated by the Presidents and Heads of State in Trinidad and Tobago.

The workshop marks the unequivocal commitment from El Salvador to the work of the OAS General Secretariat and particularly to the work undertaken by the OAS Summits of the Americas to reinforce, support and strengthen the inter-American agenda seeking to facilitate the implementation of the commitments made at the Summit by Member States.

The SISCA workshop was inaugurated by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Juan Jose Garcia, who stressed the importance, both at the hemispheric and national level, to strengthen the institutional process of the Summits of the Americas. This process is reinforced by the use of the of the Summits of the Americas Follow-Up System as it seeks in a multidimensional way, expand the benefits of democracy and governance contributing to reduce poverty and increase opportunities in the Americas.

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