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Sixth Summit Program of Implementation: Partnerships for Action Mandates:

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Integration of Physical Infrastructure in the Americas


Poverty, Inequality, and Inequity


Disaster Risk Reduction and Management


Access to and use of Information and Communication Technologies


Citizen Security and Transnational Organized Crime

At the Sixth Summit of the Americas, the region’s Heads of State and Government agreed on action-oriented mandates in five areas − poverty elimination, infrastructure, citizen security and transnational organized crime, access to technology and disaster risk prevention and mitigation. These mandates contained in 47 paragraphs provide a road map for action and the policy framework for implementation of Summit commitments. In the period leading up to the Summit and at the Summit itself, States and international institutions announced the launch of Summit-related initiatives thereby underscoring their commitment to the process and to achieving results that would benefit the people of the Western Hemisphere. Additional programs have been announced in the aftermath of the Summit. Yet others in the pipeline will be shared as they are launched.

The Sixth Summit Program of Implementation provides information on concrete programs underway to fulfill Summit goals and convert policy decisions into action. In line with Summit objectives, it also highlights partnerships for action. The implementation website will be updated on an ongoing basis to provide information on progress and results.

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