Summits of the Americas

Frequently Asked Questions about the IX Summit of the Americas

Everything you need to know about the IX Summit of the Americas

The Ninth Summit of the Americas was held in Los Angeles, United States, from June 6 to 10, 2022.

Under the theme “Building a Sustainable, Resilient and Equitable Future,” the Heads of State and Government adopted by consensus mandates contained in five different Political Commitments: Action Plan on Health and Resilience in the Americas; Our Sustainable Green Future; Accelerating the Clean, sustainable, Renewable, and Just Energy Transition; Inter-American Action Plan on Democratic Governance; and Regional Agenda for Digital Transformation.

Through self-managed subregional thematic working groups.

Groups composed of civil society representatives and social actors from the different subregions of our hemisphere (Mesoamerica, South America, and Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States) whose work focuses on the thematic pillars of the IX Summit (Health and Resilience, Green Future, Accelerating Clean Energy Transition, Digital Transformation, Democratic Governance).

To promote a constructive dialogue between civil society and social actors to formulate and present concrete, clear and viable recommendations on the Summit thematic pillars for the consideration of the participating states of the Summits Process.

These self-managed groups will define their work methodology, including the selection of the representative or rapporteur and spokesperson. The Summits Secretariat has provided a virtual space (initial), through the Slack platform, for the members of the groups to work until the Ninth Summit.

Coordinate the work and compile the recommendations of each sub-regional thematic group. This person will be the point of contact with the Summits Secretariat and will send the recommendation reports to the Secretariat.

Each working group will elect a spokesperson. These representatives will present the inputs to the countries participating in the Summits Process during the Hemispheric Dialogue and Dialogue between Civil Society, Social Actors and High-Level Government Representatives.

The Hemispheric Dialogue is a space for the spokespersons of each thematic group to present their progress to the countries participating in the Summits Process. The Dialogue will be held on May 5-6.

Civil society organizations and social actors interested in participating in the in-person activities within the framework of the IX Summit can apply for Pre-registration from April 1 to 22 through the following link

This pre-registration is independent of participation in the working groups. On the one hand, the members of the working groups must complete the pre-registration form. On the other hand, those interested in participating and who are not part of these working groups should also pre-register as "General Participants".

There will be two face-to-face activities during the Ninth Summit: (a) The Civil Society Forum and (b) Dialogue between Civil Society, Social Actors, and High-Level Government Representatives.

First, the Civil Society Forum will consist of:

  • Working Group Meetings to advance the ongoing work of the thematic working groups. Participation in these meetings will be limited to members of the established working groups.
  • Thematic discussions: The thematic discussions will allow civil society and social actors to exchange ideas and good practices, and to deepen their knowledge on the themes of the Ninth Summit and other related topics.
  • The initiative fair (tentative) will provide a space for civil society representatives and social actors to present their projects on the priorities of the Ninth Summit and related themes. Its objective is to highlight their work and promote the exchange of good practices among them. The fair will serve as a platform to support social entrepreneurship, regional programming, as well as to identify gaps in such programming.

Secondly, the Dialogue between Civil Society, Social Actors, and High-Level Government Representatives will allow the spokespersons of the established thematic working groups and youth to exchange ideas and propose common initiatives and actions on the Summit thematic pillar to the high-level government representatives of the participating countries of the Summist Process. This dialogue will be broadcast live for those unable to attend.

For these activities, interpretation will be provided in English and Spanish.

The costs associated with such participation, including those related to travel, visa, stay, medical/travel insurance, and COVID-19-related, are the responsibility of the participants.

Those selected to participate and who need a visa should approach the nearest U.S. Consulate for more information.

  • April 22: Closing of pre-registration for civil society and social actors to participate in the in-person activities of the IX Summit.
  • April 22: Confirmation of the name of the rapporteur/representative of each sub-regional thematic working group.
  • April 29: Submission of the first progress report on recommendations by each thematic subregional group.
  • May 5-6: Hemispheric Dialogue
  • May 25: Delivery of the final report of recommendations by each thematic group.
  • June 6 and 7: Civil Society Forum
  • June 8: Dialogue between Civil Society, Social Actors, and High-Level Government Representatives.