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From Santiago to Quebec: Report on the achievements of the Inter-American System

Before the Third Summit of the Americas took place, the OAS, IDB, ECLAC, PAHO and the World Bank collaborated on a joint publication, which emphasized the work carried out on themes such as democracy, promotion of human rights, social policies, fight against corruption and illegal trafficking of drugs. This publication also described new instruments to combat terrorism, develop confidence measures and strengthen political institutions, judicial systems and the administration of justice.

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During the XXVI Meeting of the Summit Implementation Review Group that took place on June 3, 2002, in St. Michael, Barbados, the JSWG presented its second annual hemispheric report. This document reported on the activities of the inter-American institutions and the World Bank in the implementation of the Summit mandates during 2002.


XXVII Meeting of the SIRG, November 7, 2002, PAHO headquarters in Washington D.C.

JSWG Report May – October, 2002

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