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Annual Report of the JSWG – June, 2004

During the XXXV Ministerial Meeting of the SIRG, held in Quito, Ecuador, June 7, 2004, the JSWG presented its report, centered on the activities carried out by the institutions in follow-up of the mandates on the fight against corruption.

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Migration from Latin America to Europe: Trends and Policy Challenges Migration to Europe from Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) has grown rapidly over the last decade. Most of the flows are directed towards southern European countries, although other European countries have also seen significant increases. Widespread poverty and economic hardship caused by the recession in LAC, together with the tightening of visa regimes in the United States following September 11, 2001, have been a major contributing cause of increased flows. The most recent data in major destination countries, such as Spain, show that the largest increases occurred over the past two to three years. The existence of what is now a significant LAC diaspora in Europe may itself be a driving force for further migration, and flows are likely to continue increasing in the future. The demographic profile of LAC migrants in Europe shows a young population with high rates of labour force participation, relatively high levels of education and strong remitting behaviour.


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