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Opening Spaces to Citizen Security and Human DdevelopmentThe UNDP launched the Human Development Report focusing on Citizen Security. The report proposes as remedies for the heightened levels of insecurity in the region the application of "smart authority" within the context of respect for democracy and adherence to the rule of law. The Report provides detailed analysis for policy makers and includes a presentation of policy options and actions that can lead to a reduction of violence and a significant contribution to strengthen public security throughout the Region. UNDP also increased financial commitments for Regional initiatives related to Citizen Security and small arms control action in Central America.


The OAS supported MISPA II, which was held in November 2009 in Santo Domingo and focused on analyzing the causes of violence and addressing it in a multidisciplinary way in order to prioritize policies. The OAS is contributing to the work outlined in MISPA II by developing data and statistics for efficient public security policies.


PAHO Implements and Strengthens the Information Systems for General Injuries

PAHO implemented and strengthened the information systems for general injuries in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, and the countries of the Caribbean. It also strengthened observatories for violence and gender in collaboration with the Inter-American Coalition for the Prevention of Violence in countries including Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, and Brazil.

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