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 Summit of the Americas
Quebec City Summit of the Americas Special Summit of the Americas: Monterrey, Mexico January 12-13, 2004

Education mandates from the
Third Summit of the Americas

Recognizing that progress towards more democratic societies, growing economies and social equity depends an educated citizenship; the Heads of State and Government have committed themselves to the following initiatives in the Summit of the Americas.  

In the 1994 Miami Summit of the Americas, the Heads of State and Government argued for access to quality education, adult education and technical, professional and magisterial training, as well as better access to greater quality higher.  They stated that women should be granted universal access to education and asked for the development of strategies to overcome nutritional deficiencies.  Leaders also supported decentralization and community participation.  In Miami, it was also determined that education is the “base for social and cultural sustainable development, economic prosperity and democratic stability”.  

In the Second Summit of the Americas, held in Santiago de Chile in 1998, education has a central role in the mandates set forth in the Plan of Action.  Within the document, countries state that the hemispheric commitment to education is expressed in vast processes of reform that are contained at all the levels of the educational system.  This commitment is based on a broad consensus of the problems that education faces, as well as the commitment of the entire society to overcome them.  These processes are founded on the principles of equity, quality, relevance and efficiency.   

In the Plan of Action of the Third Summit of the Americas, held in Quebec City in 2001, the countries recognized that: “education is the key to strengthening democratic institutions, promoting the development of human potential, equality and understanding among our peoples, as well as sustaining economic growth and reducing poverty”.  Given this, the hemispheric leaders committed themselves to promote universal access to quality basic education, support lifelong learning, strengthen educational systems and enhance the performance of teachers.  In this Summit, the commitment to assure, by the year 2010, universal access to and successful completion of primary school by all children was reiterated.  In addition, access to quality secondary education for a minimum of 75 percent of all youths was also reiterated.  Finally, governments gave their support to the Meeting of Ministers of Education, which took place on September 24-25, 2001, in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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