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…that due to its record investment in Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE), Chile recently achieved the first place in renewable energy investment in Latin America and the Caribbean? 99.6% of the country has electricity coverage out of which 48% is through renewable sources which include solar power, hydro-electric power, wind power, tidal power, geothermal power or biofuel from plants, among others. Chile is committed to increasing the competitiveness of its energy sector by providing tax benefits and subsidies to companies and individuals to install solar thermal systems, eliminating barriers to bank financing, and accessing international funds to support clean energy. The Chilean Ministry of Energy has promoted energy efficiency campaigns at the national level over the last few years promoting a culture of good energy use. To that end, it has implemented efficient lighting and district heating projects and has also doubled the number of wind and solar energy projects in the past year.

Seventh Summit of the Americas - Panama

Seventh Summit  of the Americas

“To promote, taking into account national needs and priorities, ways to optimize and facilitate the implementation of funding mechanisms for projects in the energy sector, in line with national energy development policies or regional projects, as applicable, including those involving the private sector, as appropriate, especially those that target energy security, the implementation of different types of energy, including, clean, safe, and sustainable alternative energies, and the adjustment and application of policies that, among other goals, promote these types of energy sources.”