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Follow-up System

The Summits of the Americas mandate follow-up system is an online interagency work tool for both the entry of information by entities linked to the system and for public consultation. It is also an online interactive forum where government entities enter Summit mandate-related goals and progress. It is as well a forum for the entry of qualitative information, such as policies, strategies, limitations encountered, and steps to be taken for the effective fulfillment of mandate-related goals.

Implementation of the Summits of the Americas commitments means that a collective effort must be made with governments, society, the private sector, and organizations. In particular, the 12 member institutions of the Joint Summit Working Group (JSWG), chaired by the OAS, are making a general effort to work together with full commitment, creating greater synergies by helping implement the mandates and providing technical assistance to member states.

The Summits of the Americas mandate follow-up system seeks to facilitate efforts to renew commitments to undertake collective actions by identifying and exchanging best practices and sharing lessons learned in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of actions at the national and international levels, in a spirit of true partnership.

To that end, results-based mandate management plays an important part by generating information for use in government decision-making, especially information on the continuity of their policies and allocation of the resources necessary for their implementation.

Through more efficient data processing and systematization of results, the follow-up system constitutes a useful tool to promote greater effectiveness in following up on the commitments assumed at the Summits of the Americas.

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