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In recent years, there have been video presentations made by the OAS and its JSWG partner institutions that cover the activities carried out by them on themes of the Summit Process. Please click on the year above to see all videos related to that particular year.

Seminar for Caribbean Journalists

Date: June 18, 2007 - 8.30 AM
Place: Headquarters Washington DC

PAHO: Mr. Alberto C. Eastman; Regional Advisor for Violence and Injury Prevention; PAHO “Violence and its prevention: Partnership with the Press" (19')

OAS: Presentation: Journalism and the New Media-Internet. Mr. Timothy Maloy; Journalist & Adjunct Professor AU. Moderator: Ian Edwards, Department of Press and Communications, OAS. Question and answer session (53')
Inter-American Symposium: Understanding the state of the art in early childhood education and care

Date: May 18, 2007 - 9.00 AM
Place: GSB Washington DC

CAF: Panel:Caribbean and North America: Results of Work Group Discussions. Representatives from the international organizations and non governmental organizations will comment and respond to the working group proposals and how they could facilitate future actions at the country or regional levels: OAS, Lenore Yaffee Garcia, UNICEF, UNESCO, Ivan Castro CAB, Francisco Huerta Montalvo, World Bank, IDB, Juan Carlos Navarro, CAF, Darwin Caraballo,WAECE, Juan Sánchez Muliterno, OMEP Selma Simonstein, PAHO, Sofialeticia Morales. Moderator: Mrs. Maria Victoria Peralta, IIEI, Chile (1h 24')

CAF: Panel: Central America, Andean Countries and Merco Sur: Results of Work Group Discussions continued: OAS, Gaby Fujimoto UNICEF, UNESCO, Ivan Castro, CAB, Francisco Huerta Montalvo, World Bank, IDB, Aimee Verdisco, CAF, Darwin Caraballo, OMEP, Selma Simonstein,WAECE, Juan Sanchez Muliterno, PAHO, Sofialeticia Morales, CARICOM: Patricia McPherson. Moderator: Ms. Sara Victoria Alvarado, CINDE, Colombia (1h 41')
Inter-American Symposium: Understanding the state of the art in early childhood education and care

Date: May 16, 2007 - 1.30 PM
Place: GSB Washington DC

WB: Presentation of promising local, regional and national programs, including those of private and civil society institutions. Disenfranchised children, multicultural education, Dean Cristol, The Ohio State University, Lima, Ohio USA. The Reggio Emilia Approach for Children birth to Three, Rebecca Kantor-Martin and Michele Sanderson, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Educating the Child’s Character and Values: the foremost aim for Early Childhood Education. Ms. Elvira Sanchez., AMEI, Madrid, Spain. Moderator: Erika Dunkelberg, Children Youth Unit, Human Development Network, World Bank (2h 22')

IDB: A View of the Children of the Peruvian Amazon, Mrs. Regina Moromisato, Catholic University of Peru. Pre-natal Program, CENDI, Mrs. Alba Anaya Rodriguez Martinez, Academia Director CENDI’s, Monterrey, Mexico. The Creative Curriculum System: A Proven Approach to Comprehensive Early Childhood Education. Ms. Jessica Malkin and Vilma Williams, Teaching Strategies, Washington, DC. USA. The Abecedarian Project: Implications for Programs in the First Three Years of Life, Joseph Sparling, FPG Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA). Moderator: Juan Carlos Navarro, Chief of the Education Unit in the Sustainable Development Department at IDB (1h 51')
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